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ShipBob is an order fulfillment solution that features built-in inventory management software, giving you precise control over your inventory. You can check inventory counts at each fulfillment center and set automatic reorder levels, so you are notified when stock is running low. First you want to determine your demand during lead time by multiplying your daily sales by the lead time. Calculating reorder points goes hand in hand with having a clear idea of purchasing trends over a given time period.

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For example, if there’s a supply chain interruption, you may need to rework your formula, give more lead time, and order more often. If sales are unusually slow or impacted by seasonality, you may need to hold off on reordering. Recalculate your ROP whenever you experience major changes to maintain optimal stock levels. Supply-chain and shipping interruptions are all too common nowadays.

Reorder Point Calculation

It’s an in-case-of-emergency stock businesses keep in case there’s an unexpected increase in demand or shortage in supply. Your reorder point is a critical factor, along with safety stock, in the larger scheme of inventory management and your supply chain. Regular audits spot trouble sooner and identify opportunities for improvements. Be mindful of increased delivery times or growing quality control issues. Knowing which products are hot items and those that are cooling off allows you to jump on new opportunities and adjust your stock to meet increased demand.

For example, real-time inventory tracking allows staff to see what’s in stock, what’s on order, and where each item is located. Software tools can also collect and present data on purchase orders, sales fulfillment, and demand forecasting on a single user dashboard. You may purchase items in your inventory from various vendors, and different vendors have different lead times.

How Do I Solve the Reorder Point Formula?

A common mistake business owners make is reordering everything at the same time, even though different products move at different rates. This strategy means that some products are ordered too often while other products aren’t ordered enough. Manual inventory tracking and reorder point calculation can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. The reorder point should be disabled as soon as a business cancels production of the final product of which the inventory item is a part. Otherwise, the business might reorder parts when the intent of the inventory manager is to flush the part from stock.

The math is easy enough for any merchant to be their own reorder point calculator. Say it takes 5 days for a specific hoodie to arrive from the manufacturer, and you sell 10 of these specific hoodies each day. This article gives you the reorder point formula and how to calculate your reorder point. If you’re a spreadsheet user, you can use conditional formatting for the quantity value of specific cells.

Example of the Reorder Point

Customer orders are pouring in and you remember your supplier has a lead time of one week. In the meantime, all you can do is hope your customers will be patient or eat the cost of lost business. The reorder point tells you when to reorder inventory, so that you won’t run out of stock. It usually triggers the purchase of a predetermined amount of replenishment inventory.

reorder point

Uncovering the reorder point for a product can be done using a very simple formula. It might be tempting to set reorder points then move on to the next vital project, but things change. But this comes at a risk – if any of your formulas are wrong, so will your reorder point calculations. You’ll have enough shirts left on hand units – to sustain you until the next delivery of shirts. The economic order quantity indicates the optimum number of units to be ordered. You can enhance the overall experience by delivering the products based on the promised ETA.

This means you need to have an understanding of each product’s inventory levels and sales to optimize its reorder point. This is easily done using inventory management software that tracks everything you need to know about your inventory. You already have two of the safety stock metrics you need (average daily usage and average lead time). Now you just have to find the maximums to perform your safety stock calculation. Once you’ve found how many pieces of this product you sell in a usual day (average daily usage), multiply it by your lead time to find your lead time demand.

By using the reorder point to purchase replacement stock in a timely manner, a business minimizes the risk of having no stock on hand when customers place orders. This means that the firm will not lose any sales due to stock-out conditions. Safety stock calculation involves determining your service level, the standard deviation of lead time, and the average demand for a product.