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Welcome to Moments With Fatema

"Micro Moments of Self Love" is a podcast hosted by Fatema Dewji, a Marketing Director, business coach, mentor, and golfer.

The podcast focuses on making small, practical changes towards happiness and well-being through self-care. Fatema shares tips, tools, and insights to help listeners prioritize self-love as the foundation for personal and professional success. The podcast creates a community of support by sharing stories and celebrating small wins. It offers a personalised and emotional experience for listeners to be inspired for their own journeys towards self-love and personal growth.

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In The Micromoments Podcast, join me on a journey of self-discovery. Experience real-time insights, laughter, and genuine conversations. Gain tactical advice, learn from hilarious mishaps, and find the tools and inspiration to craft a fulfilling life. Subscribe now and embark on a self-love adventure.

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